Nash Family

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Rabbi Berry Nash received his rabbinical ordination from Center Yeshiva of Tomchei Temimim Lubavitch located in Brooklyn, NY.

He directed student activities in the Rabbinical College of Australia; worked in communal activities in Bryon Bay and served as a summer teaching director in several US states.

He is currently serving as Rabbi of Chabad of Missoula, bringing his energy, warmth, and knowledge to its Jewish community.

His wife, Shayna, born and raised in Brooklyn, NY; received a diploma in education and teaching from Bais Chana Seminary in Tzvat, Israel. She taught at the Beth Rivkah Elementary School in Brooklyn, NY. She also organized and ran teen age summer camps in various states.

The Nashes live in Missoula with their children, Riva, Mendel and Yisroel Ephraim.