Dear Friend,

If you are still reading this you’re our kind of person – A BELIEVER! Thanks for reading past that first line. It is not a joke, it is actually the fulfillment of a Talmudic adage, “each and every penny adds up to a large amount”

Thank G‑d, as Chabad has contributed so much to the local and Jewish community in offering educational, and cultural programs and events, we have seen tremendous positive response. Our Chabad is independently funded, with no financial support coming from central or regional Chabad offices. Yes. You read that right. 

To enable us to continue the good work we do, we are turning to you to join our Chai Club.  We do not ask for any sort of mandatory membership or dues. Our events are open to everyone. 

Your $18 monthly donation is significant! This is not a multi level marketing scheme. It is just simple math! Watch this: Ten people giving $18 per month is $180 per month. Over twelve months that is $2160. Now if we continue to add ten new donors @ $18 per month for 12 months the total monthly intake is now $2160 and the annual intake is $25,920!

(Just for fun, let’s say five of the ten give $36 instead of $18. The total monthly (after 12 months of new donors) is now $3240 and the annual is $38,880. If we did this for three years the total monthly will be $9720 and annual will be $116,640.) 

To enable us to continue the good work we do, we are turning to you to join our Chai Club. Pick a dollar amount in the numeric multiples of CHAI = LIFE = 18 ($18, $36, $72, $144, $180, $1,800,000, etc.) and we will set you up on an automatic monthly charge. You can always increase it or decrease it.

A monthly donation in any amount gets you into the club. JOIN TODAY!

With much thanks, 
Rabbi Chezky & Rochi

PS. Your monthly donation is very significant, and will show us that you appreciate our work. Please join now by filling the form below!

*What is Chai? Every Hebrew letter has a numeric value, the numeric value of Chet is 8, Yud is 10. Together the word Chai (Chet, Yud) = 18. 

Join the Chai Club today!
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You may cancel your membership at any time by emailing info@jewishmissoula.com

Chai Club Members:

Naomi Alhadeff

Yankie & Devorah Leah Andrusier

Bruce & Adair Barrett-Kanter

Yankie & Shternie Bell 

Yossi & Mushky Bendet

Pinchas Benyehudah

Menachem & Chana Caytak

Travis Dillon

Shalom & Rivka Giniwisch

Menachem & Rochel Raizel Greenberg

Mendy & Chaya Greenberg 

Yitzi & Rishi Hein

Yossie & Chanie Kamman 

Leibel & Devorah Leah Katz

Bunim Kleinhendler

Sholom & Julie Laytin 

Alyssa Lerner

Nick and Hannah Lewis

Amelia Liberatore 

Lionel and Janice Mausberg

Arie & Alla Milgram

Mendy & Rivka Minkowitz

Yisroel Pekar 

Mendy & Mushkie Posner

Mendel & Chaya Mushka Shemtov 

Meir & Mushkie Shmotkin

Eli & Chana Silberstein

Casey Skvorc

Chaim & Chaya Mushka Slavaticki 

Robert Snyder 

Levi Vogel

Isabellah Vontrapp

Asher & Devorah Leah Yaras