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Dear Friend, 

We are pleased to announce the that we will be publishing the annual Jewish Art Calendar for Montana. The beautiful, colorful calendar for (Jewish/Lunar) Year 5780 corresponding to September 2019 – September 2020, will be distributed to all Jewish households and to many friends of the Jewish community across the state of Montana. 

Thank to our generous advertisers and sponsors, past years calendar were a major success, and now hangs proudly in so many homes and offices in Missoula and across Big Sky State.

Please support the calendar campaign, strengthening Jewish identity, culture, and community.

Advertise your business! 

Our deadline is July 18, 2019 as the calendar will be sent in time for the High Holidays! 


Advertising Options

  1. Banner - 7x2: $750
  2. Business Card - 3.5x2: $360
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